Are Recessed LED Lights Dimmable?

If you want to be able to dim or control your lights with a remote or automated system, you should choose light bulbs that are compatible with the system. The fluorescent light bulbs have to be dimmable. Are all recessed LED lights dimmable? Not every light bulb is dimmable. If you want to dim your … Read more

How Many Recessed Lights In Bathroom?

How many recessed lights do I need for my bathroom? The ceiling height should be divided by two if you want to spacing the lights in a bathroom. In a bathroom with a 9 foot ceiling, the lights should be 4.5 feet apart. The layout needs to provide enough light to fit in the space. … Read more

How Low Can LED Lights Be Dimmed?

Most common mainsLED bulbs will not dim below 10% and in some cases will not dim at all. Is it bad to dim LED lights? People often wonder if the lighting they are looking at is dimmable. The answer to this question is yes, and it’s definitely dimmable. Why dont LED lights dim all the … Read more

Where Are Northern Lights Seen?

Most of the best places in the world are close to the circle. The southern lights can be seen in the southern hemisphere. The northern lights are the main attraction. Where are Northern Lights mostly seen? Most of Alaska, northern parts of Canada, the southern half of Greenland, and Northern Norway are covered by theAuroral … Read more

How To Do Recessed Lighting In Existing Ceiling?

Is it difficult to add recessed lighting? It’s more difficult to install a traditional type of light. There are a lot of holes that are the same size. It is more difficult to put them in the ceiling than it is to work on a wall. Do I need an electrician to install recessed lighting? … Read more

How To Install LED Recessed Lighting In New Construction?

Can I use Canless lights in new construction? New construction canless lighting can be used before the ceiling is put up. The lighting can be secured directly to the ceiling joist without the use of the drywall. You have more space to work with during installation. Should I install recessed lighting before or after drywall? … Read more

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