How High To Put Vanity Lights?

The bathroom Vanity light height is between 75 and 80 inches from the floor.

How long should a light be over a vanity?

Vanity fixture mounted to the sides of the mirror should be positioned around 60″ from the floor, while fixture mounted to the top of the mirror should be positioned around 78″ from the floor. The lights in this style should be hung on either side.

How high should mirror be above vanity backsplash?

There is a small gap between the lower edge and the back of the mirror. Most of the time the mirror is above the sink. The following is a list of the five things.

How much space should be between mirror and light fixture?

Three inches can be found between the bottom of the light fixture and the mirror.

How big should a mirror be over a 60 inch vanity?

What size mirror should I use in my bathroom? 2 inches of space is left on either side of the Vanity if it is 60 inches.

How many lights should be on a 36 inch vanity?

Pick a mirror that is 75% of the mirror’s total width, mount it high above the floor, and center it above the cabinet, because it’s a good rule of thumb. It is possible to install two of the same style fixture over each sink for a double sink.

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How are vanity lights measured?

Take the width of your mirror and add it up. There is a limit to the width of bath bar lights. The center light above the mirror is 75 percent the width of the mirror, which is why people choose it.

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