How Much Heat LED Grow Lights?

The technology of LEDs doesn’t require heat to produce light, so they won’t start a fire. Most of the energy used by HID lights is absorbed by the light that is 800 nanometers in wavelength.

Do LED grow lights produce a lot of heat?

It’s not necessary for growers to spend a lot of time, energy and money dealing with excess heat when they can use small and reliable extractor systems.

How much heat can LED lights handle?

The longevity, reliability and operation of most LEDs, components and strip circuits are unaffected by the temperature of 185F (85C) or more.

How much heat does a 600W LED grow light produce?

A single watt of power is the same as 3.41 BTUs, so a 600W luminaire will produce 2,046 BTUs. It’s true for the HPS and the LEDs.

How much heat do grow lights put out?

30000C/64000F is the temperature at which the HPS/MH operate. A lot of the heat is turned into radiation. Molecules vibrate and heat up when they are hit by a type of radiation known as IR. The visible light radiation directs its rays down on your plants.

Do LED lights get hot to the touch?

It is hot to the touch, but not as hot as Incandescent, Halogen andCFL bulbs. The outside surface of an LEDs light bulb is usually half the temperature of an equivalent Incandescent or Halogen bulb.

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Can heat damage LED lights?

The cooler the environment, the higher the light output of an LED. Light output is reduced when the temperature is higher. This can lead to over driving of LEDs in some systems, which can shorten their useful life.

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