How To Install Dimmer Switch Without Ground Wire?

Can you put in a dimmer switch without a ground wire?

You can either remove the dimmer wire or cut it short. The NEC exception requires that the dimmer be installed with a plastic wall plate.

What do you do if the ground wire has no ground?

When there is no ground wire, what should we do? If you don’t have a place to put the ground wire, you can push it back into the electrical junction box by coiling it up. The ground wire should never be removed.

What happens if you don’t have a ground wire?

Does the ground wire need to be there? The appliance won’t work if the ground wire isn’t a part of the conducting path that supplies electricity to the appliance. You can’t tell the difference if the ground wire is broken or removed.

What happens if you don’t ground a metal box?

Surges in the electricity allow it to go where it pleases. It is not a good thing to have this.


Can I attach ground wire to mounting screw?

The ground wire is attached to the metal box. It will always be the case. If the lamp is made of metal and the box is made of metal, it will ground itself through the screws. You will need a 3-way pigtail between the box, supply wire, and the lamp’s ground.

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Do you need to ground a light switch in a plastic box?

There is no need for a ground wire to be attached to them. If you touch the side of the box, switches and outlets can’t short out.

Do I need a ground for a light switch?

If you are replacing a switch, there is no need for a ground. If you install a switch into a metal box that is grounded, it’s a good idea to replace it. The yoke devices are used to ground the switch. The metal box and switch are both grounded.

Is ground wire necessary?

The ground wire is an important part of a device. If the normal paths are unavailable, this wire is designed to provide a path for electrical current to travel. There may be too much electricity for the other paths.

What happens if you don’t ground a light?

How do you prevent injury and damage when you ground an outlet? Accidentally touching the metal of an appliance that is not grounded can cause serious injury. These types of accidents can be prevented by grounding.

Do you need to ground a light switch in a plastic box?

It’s not necessary to attach a ground wire to them because they’re plastic. switches and outlets can’t short out if they touch the side of the box because it’s made of non-conductive material.

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