How To Stop LED Dimmable Lights From Buzzing?

If there is a compatible dimmer for your LEDs, you should get it. The life of your LEDs can be promoted by using the right dimmer and making sure you have a dimmable LEDs.

Why are my dimmable LED lights buzzing?

What is that thing? When the bulb’s power supply isn’t compatible with a dimmer system, it’s usually the reason for the LEDs humming. The buzzing noise is actually made by a solid-state driver.

Is it normal for LED lights to buzz?

Loud noises with a recently purchased lamp cause astonishment. Young people are more likely to think of high-frequency buzzing as a ringing in the ears. Theumming sounds occur twice the mains frequencies.


How do you fix a buzzing light?

The bulbs should be replaced with lower- wattage ones. Cheaply made dimmers can cause buzzing. It’s possible to stop your light bulbs from making this sound with a higher quality replacement.

Do LED lights hum when dimmed?

There are no moving parts in the LEDs so they don’t hum. The hum caused by incorrect dimming or interference by other devices is still a problem for LEDs.

Is it OK for a dimmer switch to Buzz?

The buzzing sound that dimmer switches make is due to the fact that there is an interrupted field around a live wire. Unless there is a hot switch or a crackling noise, a buzzing sound from the switch is not dangerous.

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