Where To Place Flood Lights?

Make sure to put lights around pools, gardens, and any other unlit areas of the front and backyard so that the light chases away any shadows. Floodlights are a great way to fully illuminate your yard.

How high should a flood light be?

The spacing between the flood lights needs to be at least 4 x vertical height. A general rule of thumb is to aim the flood light at a point 1/3 of the way up.

Where should outdoor motion lights be placed?

If you want to improve security, position the motion sensor lights to cover the approaches to your house, including fence gates, the patio door, the darker areas of your yard, and around trees and bushes.

Where is the best place to put a security light?

Light posts should be positioned around 5 to 6 feet away from pathways. Shadows can be reduced by positioning surface lighting nearby. If you do this, criminals will not be able to slip into the shadows around your home. Ambient lighting needs to not be harsh or glaring.

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How high should a security light be mounted?

All lights should be placed at minimum heights of 8 to 12′ and maximum heights of 20′. The range where criminals have a hard time tampering with the system is also a good place to keep your motion sensors.

How much area does a flood light cover?

The area that can be served by luminaires on a singe pole is four times greater than the mounting height. A 50 ft pole can cover about 40,000 sq ft while a 150 ft pole can cover 369,000 sq ft. You can illuminate a flat area five times the height of the pole by using narrow beam floodlights.


Are flood lights good for security?

Their light spread tends to be larger and leaves less area in the dark. Adding safety and security to pedestrians in any area can be done with this. The distance to provide facial recognition is about 30′.

Can you put 2 motion lights on the same circuit?

It is possible to wire two motion sensors to the same light, but not in a series. You can use a parallel circuit to separate the sensors from the light.

How high should outdoor lights be hung?

The best place to put front and back porch lights is between 65 and 67 inches above the ground or porch floor.

How bright should outdoor flood lights be?

700 to 1300 lm is the required amount of flood lights. The brighter the lights are, the more lm they produce. Between 300 and 700 lm is what the motion sensor flood lights need.

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What is the difference between spot lights and flood lights?

Spotlights are lights with beam angles of 45 degrees or less, whereas floodlights are lights with beam angles of 90 degrees or more. Users can illuminate objects with a beam of light with a spotlight.

How are flood lights calculated?

The number of fixture is divided by the square footage of the area to arrive at the formula. 400 watthps are being used on a pole.

How do I choose a flood light?

The location is the most important thing. Determine where you’re going to put the outdoor floodlight. The light needs to cover a certain area. The angle at which the light is installed could affect how well it lights your space.

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